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A genuine dessert specialist invents and prepares the most delicious desserts. Once more the ingredients are seasonal. The desserts will be a feast both for the taste buds and for the eyes.


“Fallen” chocolate cake│gianduja chocolate│hazelnut meringue│chocolate custard│tonkabean ice cream

€ 9.20


Blackberry quark tartlet│banana and date │red pepper vanilla ice cream│black berry coulis

€ 9.20


Mandarin tasting│curd│parfait│sorbet│compote│meringue with clove│crumble

€ 9.20          


Grand dessert│for everyone at the table│for sharing│price per person  

€ 12


Cheese│selection│international│kletzen bread│honey 

€ 14


Dessert│De Vier Seizoenen Menu│daily│variable│season 
€ 9.20


Chocolate pralines from Patisserie Vermeer│to have with coffee or tea delicacies│white, milk or dark│per 3 pieces
€ 6


Created by: Free Design