Main dishes

Creative, of high culinair standard and cooked with love. That's a compliment we often hear about our main dishes. But make up your own mind. The accompanying wines have been carefully chosen by our sommelier and are a perfect match with the dishes. Just looking at the menu makes your mouth water.


Lukewarm vegetable salad│carrot│spinach│pea│feta│pomegranate│sweet and sour pepper│falafel│chick pea│garlic│asparagus│yogurt

€ 21


Pan-fried seabassfillet│tomata-oregano risotto│pea cream│salicorna and bunch carrot│beurre blanc sauce with saffron│     

€ 22


Sole sautéed in butter│500 gram│whole or  filetted?│black pasta│wokked spinach│fennel, capers and olive│mussel-vadouvan sauce

€ 34


Roasted veal ribeye│creamy truffle pasta│eggplant-mushroom caponata│chimichurri sauce    

€ 22                   With extra duck liver shavings + € 6


Quail à la plancha│potato-chorizo marbré│caramalised onion│broccoli│red wine-almond sauce 

 € 22                   With extra duck liver shavings + € 6                                 


Pan-fried tournedos│roasted garlic and horseradish mousseline│roasted carrot trio│onion│red wine and savory sauce

€ 29                   With extra duck liver shavings + € 6


Main dish│menu De Vier Seizoenen│variable│ask our staff      

€ 22                   With extra duck liver shavings + € 6


Cone of thick fries│home made truffle mayonnaise          

€ 4.20


Any allergies? Please let us know and we will help you!



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