Main dishes

Creative, of high culinair standard and cooked with love. That's a compliment we often hear about our main dishes. But make up your own mind. The accompanying wines have been carefully chosen by our sommelier and are a perfect match with the dishes. Just looking at the menu makes your mouth water.


Involtini de melanzane│chick peas│tomato│oregano│olives│roasted Sweet and sour egg plant│Taleg gio│little gem│asparagus│béchamel

€ 21


Pan-fried red bream fillet│mash of romaine lettuce, tomato and capers│sea lavender and glasswort│zealandic mussel sauce

€ 22


Dutch plaice fillet│carrot risotto│fried fennel │red chard│lobster sauce

€ 22


Pan-roasted domestic duck breast│sweet potato cream│bok choi│green asparagus│shiitake│red wine and roasted garlic sauce

€ 22                     (with extra duck liver shavings + € 6)


Pan-roasted lamb steak│roasted padrón pepper│spring turnip│dauphinoise  potatoes with herbs│chorizo sherry sauce

€ 22                     (with extra duck liver shavings + € 6)


Pan-roasted tournedos│irish beef│fried onion│broad bean│green pea│aligot with truffle│red wine- smoked bacon sauce

€ 29                     (with extra duck liver shavings + € 6)


Main course│De Vier Seizoenen menu│variable│please ask our staff 

€ 22                     (with extra duck liver shavings + € 6)


Cone of thick fries│home made truffle mayonnaise 

€ 4.20


Any allergies? Please let us know and we will help you!



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