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A starter has to activate and stimulate the taste buds. Of course our starters have been prepared with a selection of seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. Each starter has been garnished with care and skill. So eat your hart out.


Tear and share bread rolls │ van Eeden Bakery Noordwijkerhout │served with salted butter i.a  │ per 2 persons



Salad │ crispy prawn │ Korean gochujang sauce │spring onion │ apple │ enoki │ seaweed   



Salad │  vegetarian │ roasted pepper │ lentils │ red cabage │hummus │ onion marmelade │ smoked almond   



Carpaccio │ feta cheese │ oregano mayonnaise │ sweet and sourred onion│ capers │ pepitas │ dried tomato │ olive



Coppa di Parma │ chicory  │ rocket  │ roasted artichoke │mozzarella │ sherry mayonnaise       



Pulpo │ cooked and fried on the plancha │ black pasta │ spinach │sweet and sour carrot │ Dutch lobster ball │ Provencal dressing 



Starter │ from our De Vier Seizoenen Menu │variable │ ask our staff   



Entremets │  soup │ from our De Vier Seizoenen menu │  variable │ ask our staff   



All our starters may be ordered, if desired in a larger quantity, as a main dish.

Any allergies? Please let us know and we will help you!

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