A starter has to activate and stimulate the taste buds. Of course our starters have been prepared with a selection of seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. Each starter has been garnished with care and skill. So eat your hart out.


Poke salad with tunafish│quinoa│green pea│spicy pineapple relish│sesame│marinated carrot│lemon crème fraîche

€ 14


Vegetarian salad│fried halloumi cheese│red beetroot│pine nut│pomegranate vinaigrette│crostini with oregano pesto

€ 12


Beef carpaccio │roasted hazelnut│”oude Jan” cheese│mustard honey dressing│kapers│olive│fennel│dill 

€ 13                      (with extra duck liver shavings + € 6)


Duckliver-pistachio truffles│St. Danielle ham│rhubarb  confiture│endive│kohlrabi salad 

€ 15


Wok-fried gambas│garlic│chilli│coconut cream│coriander│lime│noodles│durian│red curry prawn crackers 

€ 15


Starter│ De Vier Seizoenen menu│variable│please ask our staff  

€ 13


Entremets│De Vier Seizoenen menu│variable│please ask our staff  

€ 11


All our starters may be ordered, if desired in a larger quantity, as a main dish.

Any allergies? Please let us know and we will help you!

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